Valletta is the beautiful capital of Malta. The locals call it ‘the city’ by the local name ‘Il-Belt’. It is also a World Heritage Site and visited by travelers and tourists from all over the world. Due to its mesmerizing beauty, the capital city is an open-air display of Baroque architecture and historical bliss. The art and history buffs often refer to this magnificent city as an open museum.

The Grand Harbour is considered as one of the most beautiful natural harbours in the entire Mediterranean Sea. This has been in use since prehistoric times, becoming very busy as the base of the Order of Saint John in 1530. Then again, under the British Colony it became a strategic base for the Navy.

The British Suites Hotel is a modernized part of a palatial building that was restored in the year 2017 to match the modern luxury while preserving the vintage traditional Maltese charm and rejuvenate it into a luxurious boutique hotel.

The boutique hotel consists of 24 Rooms belonging to four categories. Some of the Rooms are overlooking St. Ursula Street, whilst others enjoy the panoramic view of the magnificent Grand Harbour.

The Rooms overlooking the Grand harbour enjoy amazing views of the sea, Fort St. Angelo, Kalkara, Vittoriosa, Seglea and their respective creeks. Each bit of the view carries centuries of history that can be appreciated from The British Suites.

The other Rooms overlooking St Ursula Street treasure the unique architecture and the endless number of Maltese balconies and stairs. The variety of balcony types in Valletta is the beautiful side of Malta’s architectural anarchy. St. Ursula is particularly rich in unique architectural features.

St. Ursula

The devotion of the Maltese natives dates back the 15th century. Many other chapels and churches were built to remember her and her gallant group. As per the historians, this incident took place during the rule of Diocletian. One of the most significant churches built to honor her is in Ursula Street. It was built in 1467 and has been functional for 5 centuries straight.


A group of 15 nuns belonging to the Jerosolimitan community who conduct intercessory prayers for the dear ones, families, friends, benefactors and the entire Maltese archipelago. The monastery was founded by Grand Master Hughes Loubenx Verdalle on the verge of the 15th century is situated right beside the Ursula Street in the heart of the capital city.

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